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Tensile Structure - Tensile Structure Manufacture

Ancon India Pvt Ltd is leading Name of Tensile structure manufacturer industries and creating innovative design of tensile architecture, tensile canopy, tensile car parking, retractable roofing, and tensile structure in New Delhi India. If you are seeking forward to construct thin-shell structure’s roof commonly known as Tensile? Tensile roofing is constructed by using both tension and compression elements. A tensile membrane structure is mostly used as a roof as it results in appealing span large distances.

The tensile structure is a modern architecture with high demand because of it is providing appealing designs in tents, roofing, car parking etc. The tensile structure manufacturers in India are using the high-quality of metal frames crowned with PVC coated fabric. These have high demand in this fast growing technology world because these can be confidently used as outdoor, indoor, car parking, restaurants, stadium, and other places.

If you want to get shelter to protect against the climate and other natural calamities, use of the tensile structure will be the brilliant idea. Ancon Tensile Structure is a prominent Tensile Structure Manufacturer in Delhi ensuring tensile structure solution for last 18 years. We are offering tensile services for consulting industries, mall, home and foods, airport, metro, stadium, restaurants, and more places.

We are the best and reputed Tensile Structure Manufacturer because we have worked in commonwealth games in Delhi, numerous malls, and hotels, and even in Delhi Metros. We confidently say that we are the perfect one compared with others because we learned from our mistakes and molding our strategies, and structure designs as per the industry norms.

With our veteran gang of employees, we are providing the highest-quality tensile roofing that is applicable for exterior use. Our technical team is experienced and able to modify tensile structure as per space available. Apart from constructing the long-lasting roofs, we are available for technical help of lighting, printing, installation, fabric, frames, and maintenance as well.

The tensile structures cover the efficient area and ensure protection from the overheated sunlight resulting in damaging. You can design your tensile structure as per your requirements. These have made with polycarbonate sheets and fabric which can tackle adverse weather conditions. Acknowledged for the features like a compact design, easy to install, and sturdy construction, these are offered in customized specifications. Moreover, you can install and dismantle it anytime.

Why are Tensile structure manufacturers in India highly-demanded in these days? Because this technology has multi-functional features such as designed to filter light, control glare and heat, Ultra violet rays protected, flame retardant, declines air-condition consumption, PVC coated fibreglasses, aluminum alloy frame with stainless steel accessories, and more surprising features.

If you are frustrated and want a roof at an economical cost for a prolonged period of time, you can try tensile roofing as it will not only give a stylish look but also make your place safe and secure.

At the Ancon Enterprises is commonly known as Tensile Structure manufacturer in India has a wide array of roofing structures at very attractive ranges. With our polished team in terms of experience and intelligence, we are always welcoming the clients required tensile roofing in Delhi or outside for all sorts of places all time. 

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Tensile Structure

Tensile structure is the concept of modern architecture which is taking over the world nowadays, due to its brilliance of providing required designs in roofing, tents, car parking etc. Tensile structure in India is manufactured using high quality materials in metal frames topped with PVC coated fabric. These structures are used in several types of roofing like car parking tensile structure, modular car parking tensile roofing, conical tensile structure and roof, modular tensile tent, swimming pool tensile structures etc. You can also get custom made tensile structures from tensile structure manufacturerbased on requirement in commercial area, offices or homes. You can get tensile structure in Delhi for your homes, offices; hotels etc. Easily and get it installed stylishly.

Car parking tensile structure

This type of structure is designed to cover the required zone for car parking and you get complete protection from sunlight and heat which may harm your vehicles. The tensile car roofing is very sturdily made up of polycarbonate fabric and sheets which are tensile and can endure all types of weathers. It is very easy to mantel or uninstalls the complete structure and it provides a stunning look to the entire area. You will get these benefits with tensile car roofing:

•             Protection from dirt and dust

•             Light will be filtered through the membrane

•             Heat will be less with shade over the car

•             Your car will be safe from UV rays.

Tensile roofing

You can get premium quality of tensile roofing in the country in a wide array of designs for your spaces. These roofing is prefabricated and engineered to enhance the weather proofing outcomes in your homes or commercial spaces. Tensile roofing is easy to install and are made in compact patterns as required by our clients. You will get several features with tensile roofing like UV protection, 15 years life, light and heat filtration, flame resistance, energy efficiency and PVC coating of fiberglass. They can be used in homes, hotels, shops or commercial spaces.

Modular Car Parking Tensile Structure:

Tensile structures for Modular car parking are    designed in such a way that they provide protection to vehicles from sun damage. These structures cover the required area efficiently and are fabricated using tensile polycarbonate sheets or fabrics. These are tough and sturdy, designed to endure severe weather conditions. Fabric structure or polycarbonate modular car parking is easy to install or dismantle and they are a feast to the eyes as well as suitable for the surroundings.

Benefits of Modular car parking:

•             Car is free of dirt and dust

•             Heat is less inside the structures

•             Filtered light provides brightness

•             Roofing protects vehicle from UV rays

Conical tensile roofing

This type of roofing is perfect for play area, outdoor classes, walkways, drop and pick up area, covered markets, outdoor restaurants, etc. as they provide excellent coverage without affecting the landscape of the place. These are available in many sizes and can also be customized according to client’s requirements.

Conical tensile structure

Conical tensile structures have fantastic designs fabricated and installed by expert engineers. These structures are created using high quality design techniques and awesome quality materials to provide roofing of international quality.

Benefits and features of conical tensile structures:

•             Tensile fabric is available in high strength and sturdiness which can stretch a lot

•             The roof is waterproof and is available in an array of colors

•             UV protection against harsh rays of sun

•             Easy to maintain

•             Versatile as it can be fabricated in unlimited length

•             Sustained by a strong steel frame                   

Tensile structure for Swimming Pool

These structures are made sturdy and robust material and are installed on the pavement of swimming pools. These tensile structures are fashioned for people, for siting and relaxing under shade and protect fro the sun and heat. They are available in a wide array of designs and styles in several colors. Swimming pool tensile structures are waterproof and sturdy enough to endure tough weather conditions quite easily. Tensile structure for swimming pools is used in Hotels, Resorts, residential complexes and sports complexes.


•             These structures are water proof with lacquer coating

•             Low on maintenance

•             Easy to use

•             Life span of 15 years

•             High quality material used, ensuring smooth finish and no defect.

Tensile Membrane structures

Tensile membrane structures are created using high quality textile which is advanced and high tech and these structures are a major component of contemporary architecture which is becoming very popular nowadays. They are manufactured using excellent quality coated textiles in light or heavy weight according to requirement and are used in making structures, sides, tents, domes, halls or rooftops.

Benefits and features:

•             Architects can see their designs come alive with the usage of tensile membranes

•             Durability is great

•             Its light in weight

•             Resistance against flame, UV light and abrasion

•             Lacquer coating prevents settlement of dirt and dust

•             Can be cleaned easily and is easy to maintain

•             Large area is covered without support

•             Easy to fabricate

•             Recyclable

•             Instant installation

Tensile structures are the trendy roofing used in many types of buildings for providing protection from heat, light and harmful rays. These are available easily in India for homes or commercial spaces.

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