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Tensile Structure that Applicable at Roofing and Exterior Use

Tensile Structure that Applicable at Roofing and Exterior Use

We are here to provide high quality of tensile structure that applicable at roofing and exterior use. Our tensile structure tern into various shapes includes exterior, playground, interior, acoustic, and exhibition. We also provide technical help of lighting, support frames, fabric, printing, installation and maintenance. Our tensile structure suits everyone and provide at reasonable price. Tensile structures are easily fitted to the area of requirement.  For external use, these are applicable at various places like dining, car parking, entertainment, playground, walkways, sun shade, and entrance and at any place of requirement. These shades provide facility to free from rain and sun rays.  

We provide various tensile structures that meet your requirement at reasonable price. These can be applicable at various places like acoustic, canopy, sunshade, roofing, ceiling, movable, and lampshade and at various place of your requirement. These tensile structures can be selected according to their features of sun shade, lighting, weight, durability, performance and price. We have various pre-designed structure that are of high quality, unique design and easy to install and re-use. We provide permanent and temporary structure to fulfill requirement of different needs. We have various tensile structure designs in Delhi of different shapes and sizes with long life.

Tensile structure in India is light weighted and crate versatile shapes to provide three dimensions design. These structures are expert in cover different complex areas. These tensile structures are PVC coated with feature of flexibility, durability and transparency. These all are having life between 15-20 years or more than that. These are available in various colors and texture and having feature of printing. These are so strong to sustain for long period of time. These all structure is chemically inert so resist from moisture, UV rays and micro-organism. These structure are easy to clean and maintain and having property of self-cleaning. To create fabric structure, a little amount of component is required. These structures are capable to provide any shape.   

The tensile structure in Delhi is made from PVC coated cloth that having quality to sustain them from fungus, increase durability, resists from fire, water and UV rays. Tensile structure Manufacturer provides three dimension structures; this is new and innovative form of construction to cover an area. These are design according to need of customers. These tensile structures are highly in demand du to its unlimited design with elegant strength power. These having translucency feature that provide natural light and also help in reduce light cost.

These are sustain for a long period of time and does not harmed by sun rays, rain, fungus and other climatic and environmental condition. These are light weighted and easy o carry at various places and also require less human power. These require very less maintenance cost and having self cleaning features. These are applicable at various places according to the demand of customers. These are highly demand due to its versatile features. The tensile structure quality increases day by day, there are various type of fabric used to make them such as PVC, PTFE, silicon coated glass fiber fabric, ETFE foil. 

Tensile structure is known as tension structure in Delhi India. People can called it from different name such as tensile fabric structure, tensile roofing, tensile car parking and tension structures in Delhi. Ancon Enterprises is leading tensile structure manufacturer in Delhi last many decades. We are manufacturer, suppliers, dealers, fabricators and designer of tensile structure for different application of tensile membrane structure. Tensile structure is innovative form of construction art and provides innovative design and environment friendly variety of tensile structures design. Ancon Enterprise is going the development of structural engineering through a movement toward of lighter structures. Structure engineering start in 19th century with the iron and steel structure and Ancon brings in modern world of tensile structure in Delhi, where the continues the development of method of designing tensile structure and method of continues improvement in materials of tensile membrane structure. We are creating interesting and unique building design of tensile structure in India.

Tensile structure represents the forefront of modern structural engineering. Ancon Enterprises have new design and construction procuress to develop of a tensile fabric structures in India. Tensile fabric structures went through different phase of development. Tensile structures have several advantages over conventional structures in Delhi. We have seen and find out that tensile structure can span large distances without incurring much weight on supporting structure or foundation. Tensile structures are capable of caring large applied loads comparison to steel and concrete structures. Tensile structure is favorable because of its reduction of weight; material translates into shorter construction schedules and overall cost savings.

Tensile fabric structures in Delhi are available in different size, scale, shape and form. A lightweight and flexible fabric membrane used for stability as well as for roofing elements. Flexible liner elements are used at boundaries or edge such as ties or cables. Rigid supporting membrane is used transfer loads in compression. We have three types of fabric structures such as Boundary tensioned membranes, pneumatic or air supported structures and cable nets or cable beams structures.

The Quality, Stability and Durability of tensile structure design often go hand in hand with the development of new high performance materials in Delhi India. The material required for tensile roofing satisfied all the requirement of tensile structures in term of fraction of weight, volume and cost. Tensile fabric structure is best suitable building material comparison to other building material because of coverage and protection from exterior weather conditions, air tightness, waterproofing, fire resistance, durability, acoustic and heat control. We are best place for your query related to tension structure, Tensile Structures, Tensile Structure Manufacturers, Tensile Structure in Delhi, Tensile Structure Manufacturers in Delhi, Tensile Structure in India, Tensile Structure Manufacturer in India, Tensile fabric structures, tensile roof, tensile roofing, tensile car parking and tensile retractable roofing, modern tensile structure, Indoor tensile structure and Outdoor tensile structure. 

Ancon Enterprises is prominent brand of tensile structure Industry. Tensile structure is lightweight structures that carry only tension no compression or bending. Ancon Enterprises is tensile structure manufacturer in Delhi Since 2000. Tensile structures are used mostly on room because it covers more area economically and attractively span large distance.  Tensile structure has been used many permanent application of buildings in Delhi. Ancon Enterprises have many experience of tensile structure in Delhi for Different Application such as Sport, Stadium, Hotels, Building, Airports, Restaurant, Sport Complex and tensile car Parking Spaces. Tensile structure manufacturer are focused on its design efficiency. Fabric Quality is key aspect of tensile structure durability.

Delhi is important market for tensile structure last 10 years. The Demand of tensile structure in Delhi is increasing last few years. It has two reasons. Delhi is biggest commercial market in India and second highest per capita Income in India. Both Points help us to increase the demand of tensile structure in Delhi. Delhi is Capital of India Republic and creates new application every year for tensile structure designs. The Major application of tensile structure are roofing, stadium, restaurant, food court, shopping mall, sport complex, tennis court, car parking, air ports, bus terminal, building covering and many more.

Tensile Structure is providing many best benefits in term of uses and cost.  Tensile structure is providing few key benefits that make it important products compare to other building materials such as Flexible design aesthetic, outstanding translucency, excellent durability, Lightweight Nature, Low Maintenance, cost benefits, code complications, variety of membrane and colors. Ancon Enterprises the manufacturer of tensile structures is providing unlimited designs of distinctive elegant form and provide unique and iconic flexible characteristic of membrane structure. Outstanding translucency is important factor that make it more favourable compare to other building materials. Tensile structure used different type of fabric material that providing its long durability compare to other building materials. Tensile structures need less support system so it best option compare to other building materials. Tensile fabric structure is available in different colors and designs in Delhi India. Ancon Enterprises have long list of dealers and distributor of tensile structure in India. It is one of best tensile structure manufacturer in India. Ancon Enterprises is also providing maintenance work after completion of projects.